2019/12/5 Release
Ayane Yamazaki's latest single "Kitchen Song"
is a new song arranged from a dance version
popular among pop listeners all over the world.
The lounge music-like arrangement
has become Tokyo's new chillout music.
There are English and Japanese versions.
We added a special track for this topic.
Remix by Kiki Kudo and Brian Close.
New York artists,
DJs and track makers are
creating the world's newest sound. Listen.


Apple Music
https://music.apple.com/jp/album/kitchen-song-single/1486931228 Ayane Yamazaki 『kitchen song』 5, Dec 2019 Distribution release from AWAL in the UK. 1. kitchen song – English Version 2. kitchen song - Remix by Kiki Kudo and Brian Close (工藤キキ、ブライアン・クロース) 3. kitchen song – Japanese Version