Ayane Yamazaki Number

Ayane Yamazaki Number

ay-0043 Ayane Yamazaki/Gena Rose Bruce 7″Split&Digital Split Single『The Way You Make Love/kitchen song』
ay-0042 Single『Counting on my fingers -TOYOMU Remix』
ay-0041 STUDIO LIVE in Germany Radio TFSC
ay-0040 Single『眠りの理由 Sleep to Dream-TOYOMU Remix』
ay-0038 Playlist
ay-0037 Media
ay-0036 Single『Counting on my fingers 』
ay-0035 Single『Angel in Blue 』
ay-0034 Single『kitchen song 』
ay-0033 Media Outside Japan
ay-0032 Moving Jacket /Spincoaster Tokyo Sound→「kitchen song(dance version)」
ay-0031 Album『LIFE』Trailer
ay-0030 Album『LIFE』
ay-0030 YouTube『ENGLISH BABY』
ay-0029 DJ
ay-0028 Live Show /Thank you for visiting the live show of the first season.Until the day we meet again. 
ay-0027 ANTIOUE KIMONO / Antique Kimono『Ponia-pon』
ay-0026 Party/Salon de by Yayavsky A Story Two
ay-0025 Goods / Laforlet Harajuku TOKYO Girlside
ay-0024 Flyer/Salon de by Yayavsky A Story Two  
ay-0023 Post Card/Salon de by Yayavsky A Story Two  
ay-0022 Badge/METROPOLIS
ay-0021 Poster/Salon de by Yayavsky A Story One
ay-0020 Party/Salon de by Yayavsky A Story One
ay-0019 Moving Jacket /Spincoaster Tokyo Sound→「LONG GOODBYE」
ay-0018 MV「Outta Space/世界の外のどこへでも」 
ay-0017 AD/ ROKIN’G ON JAPAN Oct 2018
ay-0016 Flyer/Salon de Yayavsky A STORY ONE NEW VERSION
ay-0015 Flyer/Salon de Yayavsky A STORY ONE 
ay-0014 Series in Rock is/I Saw Her Standing There
ay-0013 Maa Maa Radio/FM YOKOHAMA
ay-0012 Promotional Photo/METROPOLIS
ay-0011 Live/July 31,2018
ay-0010 Flyer/METROPOLIS-3
ay-0009 Flyer/ METROPOLIS-2
ay-0008 Flyer /METROPOLIS-1
ay-0007 me and baby web
ay-0006 Poster/METROPOLIS
ay-0005 web movie/METROPOLIS
ay-0004 ayaneyamazaki.com official web
ay-0003 Sticker/METROPOLIS
ay-0002 AD /「Spoon」2018/8
ay-0001 MV「Night+Trilogy」
ay-0000 First Album「METROPOLIS」


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